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For those of you who are not aware, ExtraTorrents were among the top five BitTorrent indexes in the world. It was an online index of digital content that allowed users to download and search for content.


EZTV ExtraTorrents are one of the most popular torrent communities. It provides millions of torrents per month. The community has become more and more active as the years go by. However, EZTV is currently being blocked by some ISPs. You may be able to access EZTV through a proxy.

EZTV was initially run as a non-profit organization. It aims to provide high-quality media content to its users. Originally, EZTV did not host any of its own torrent files. Rather, it worked in conjunction with other good torrent sites. EZTV never asked users for money or ran its own tracker.

EZTV ExtraTorrents are a great way to download all types of free content. Using a proxy to access EZTV is a safe and effective way to watch and download all your favorite shows and movies.


The YTS ExtraTorrents is a popular website that is mainly dedicated to movies. It has a very simple and easy to navigate interface. It has many features such as movie subtitles and captions in different languages. You can also use it to check the rating of the film and download the subtitles.

It is one of the largest torrent websites in the world, with millions of users visiting it daily. However, it is currently being blocked by network offices around the globe.

However, you can still access the site using a VPN application. This is a great option if you want to bypass the blockage. But you should note that the content can be tracked.

Another alternative is EZTV. It is a video content distribution platform that offers unique content. For example, it has an extensive library of sports programs, old TV shows and new movies. Users can create their own account and upload content.


RARBG is a popular torrent website. It provides users with a wide range of download categories including music, games, movies, books, applications, and other types of content.

The site also has a variety of features that make it easy to search and download files. For example, it allows users to choose from different resolutions for downloading. Moreover, it supports SD rips and 1080p Blu-ray rips.

In addition to its torrents, RARBG also provides information and reviews about movies, TV shows, and other related content. You can check out the website’s news section to know what’s going on on the site.

Another advantage of Rarbg is its huge database of content. Millions of people trust this site because it provides quality content. That’s why it remains one of the best torrenting sites out there.


TorrentHound is one of the world’s largest Torrent sites. This community-driven site has millions of monthly users worldwide. You can find torrents for movies, TV shows, games and more.

Its user-friendly design makes it easy to search for the desired content. TorrentHounds has a huge database of over 4000 torrents. The homepage also provides a list of the latest and trending torrents. However, you have to register for an account in order to access these torrents.

TorrentHounds is considered one of the best torrent websites. It’s easy to navigate and you can download your favorite torrents in high quality. Despite its popularity, it has experienced several attacks from online security agencies.

Another torrent website, Torrentz, also shut down its operations. This is believed to be a proactive move by the owners to avoid legal trouble two wheeler insurance renewal grace period.


One of the best ways to download free movies, TV shows and music is to use a VPN service. FastestVPN is one of the most popular VPN services and a top rated service at that. It also offers a robust ad blocking function.

A VPN service will protect your data from hackers and other unwanted surveillance. It will also give you unlimited bandwidth. You can even get a tenfold increase in your Torrenting speed by using the aforementioned VPN service. This is especially useful if you are looking to download HD content.

One of the most important features of the VPN is its ad blocker. This will ensure that you do not get any annoying advertisements that may interfere with your torrenting. And to make sure you are not distracted by all the ads on your screen, you can even customize your ad blocking settings top mutual funds.


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