3 Smart Ways To Focus On Strengths And Win From Your Competitors

The word education has a vast influence. Since ancient times India has been a land of knowledge and wisdom. From ancient times it has been the home of many educational institutions. We have heard the name of great universities like Nalanda and Taxila. Small institutes were working too with these institutions and had a healthy competition to provide better knowledge. mediaposts

But now the time is different. The education sector is filled with courses, programs, and services, competing for attention. These additional options benefit both teachers and students. But as a company that offers these courses and programs. It can be challenging to break through your competitors’ noise and put your course or services on top. However, an essential thing for success in this field is a competition scan, which allows you to evaluate your competitors and determine your strengths and weaknesses with your competitors.

If you are planning to come to the education sector or are in this sector but do not know how to increase your market share, this article is just for you. We will discuss three ways to build strength and win over your competitors.

3 Important Points Need to Remember

  • Research the Market

This is the first step before entering the market. Decide your niche and find what services and courses are available in the market. By doing this, you can find your competitive advantage, and by maximizing these strengths, you can attract more and more students. In starting, maybe you do not have a budget to hire a market analyst, but you can do it by yourself by researching courses offered by your competitors. Since the pandemic started, there has been a boom in online education. So, to create an educational institution, you must go online. 

Research your market with keep in mind your target audience if you are an online education platform and want to provide educational material to kids from classes 1 to 5. Your target should be their parent. 

Likewise, if you want to provide competitive exam educational materials, your target audience is students preparing for the competitive exams. Know your customer behavior and prepare marketing strategies accordingly. 

  • Evaluate Cost

You need to know the numbers. They may offer a product eblogz or course at a similar price, or there may be a significant difference. Perhaps your program is free, but it is not reachable to all the students. It is essential to know your product or course so that educators can convince them why they should pay more for your product or why your program is better, even if it is cheaper. You have to make students and their parents believe you are providing their children with the best quality, cost-effective education. 

In starting, you should lower the cost as much as possible. There is a boom in social media. Social media platforms like Youtube give you a platform from which you can reach millions of students simultaneously. 

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  • Promote Your USP

Once you have researched your market, it’s time to promote your unique selling point.

If you don’t know what is a USP? These qualities of your product or service make it stand out from other competitors. In this case, you can promote your content. Why and how your educational content is better. Cost-effectiveness and student support system that only you are offering. 

These traits or unique characteristics should be consistently promoted across your business platform, including billboards, website, marketing, PR, and product and services. By upholding these values in your customer’s behavior, you can ensure the benefits from your services and can be a potential customer.

These are the most important points, so keep the following two points in your mind.

  • Make yourself most supportive of the student

This is one of the most important points because students want to know they have someone to help when they have questions. This can often be a key selling point. This is a key differentiator if you offer help and support to students and your competitors don’t. 

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  • Have a Proper Digital Infrastructure

Are there specific school or district technical requirements for competitors to show their courses and programs? It can be a crucial area where you need to excel. For an educational institute having a technical infrastructure is a must. In India, most institutes were shut because of a lack of technological infrastructure. 


  • Teachers and students can connect at any time.
  • Tracking teachers’ and students’ activities are more manageable.
  • It allows teachers to take tests and provide study material to track students’ performance in one place.
  • You can sell it as a USP.


Moreover, talk with the students and their parents and find out their problems with the current system. And how you can overcome these problems. You can not beat your competitors until you solve the real issues. Sure, you want to add more and more students to your brand as soon as possible. But first, try to focus on making an identity among students.

I hope this article will be helpful for you; if you have any queries, feel free to use the comment section. Thank You.

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