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Bright Side’s Top 100 Beauty Remedies

Thousands of women spend money, time, and effort trying to achieve perfect beauty. However, sometimes we need some simple beauty remedies to give us that extra boost. Bright Side has compiled a list of 100 simple beauty remedies that are guaranteed to work wonders on your skin. What are your best beauty secrets? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you! You can also share your own beauty secrets in the comments below!

Don’t wash your face more than twice a day. This is bad for your skin barrier and may leave you looking older than you really are. So, wash your skin only once or twice a day, and use a mild cleanser. Don’t use harsh cosmetics. Always wear sunscreen and wear sunglasses, even on cloudy days. If you’re outside for long periods of time, it can damage your skin.

In Japan, nightingale droppings are used in facial treatments to maintain skin’s youthfulness. This oil contains the compound guanine, which brightens skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and cleanses pores. Hawaiian women use local fruits as beauty secrets. Coconuts are high in good fat, which helps stimulate hair growth and softer skin. Pineapples are also great for exfoliation, and can be blended into a puree.

You can also apply garlic to your nails to make them stronger. Ladies in the Dominican Republic use garlic in nail polish. Although it smells bad, it will leave your nails softer and stronger. Garlic has antibacterial properties, so don’t be fooled by its pungent smell! These are just some of the many Asian beauty secrets that work. Try them out! They are sure to work for you!

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