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How Does Today’s Technology Influence Our Daily Life?

Today’s technology is changing our lives in countless ways. Our work and play lives are being influenced by our mobile devices. We spend less time talking to friends and family, and more time watching television. And the latest developments in technology are affecting the way we live. For instance, technology has increased our dependence on artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial intelligence-based systems, such as virtual reality. We also spend less time performing physical activities and spending time with family members.

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Our smartphone use has grown exponentially in the past decade. Now, a mobile phone is considered essential for nearly everyone and has displaced other separate items. One study found that 75 percent of young people have replaced an MP3 player with a smartphone, and 71 percent use their phone as an alarm clock. Many people use their smartphone as a camera and a watch. In this age of technology, the impact is massive and it is difficult to keep up with it.

The internet allows us to communicate with people and organizations located in different parts of the world. Moreover, it helps spread knowledge and information. For example, the World Wide Web (WWW) is a digital platform containing all content on the Internet. It is accessible via web browsers and has been developed by Tim Berners-Lee. The WWW network was launched in 1991. This network makes communication with colleagues and the public easier than ever before.

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