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How PageRank is different from Link Juice?

When it comes to ranking websites on SERPs, it’s important to focus on different metrics. That helps improve the performance of the website until it ranks in Google on the first page as desired, such as Bounce Rate, Dwell Time, Organic CTR, etc. 

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And in this article. We’re going to talk about another metric used to evaluate and judge the quality of a website, PageRank. Let’s take a closer look at what PageRank is and how important it is.

What is PageRank?

PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used to measure or evaluate the quality of pages on a website, with a number ranging from 0 to 10. The higher the PageRank value, the more likely a website is to rank higher in Search. Better Engine, which considers PageRank based on the number of links linked to the website. and the importance of the linked site (but PR is only measuring the value of one page and not the entire site).

How is PageRank different from Link Juice?

Many people may be confused about how PageRank is different from Link Juice?

As I said before, PageRank is a measure and evaluates the quality of a website by looking at where the website gets backlinks from and how many links are linked to the website. Quality or not, it is different from Link Juice which is a link building method that is used to refer to the power of links passed to other web pages, both internal and external links.

In a nutshell, PageRank looks only at backlinks from external sites, while Link Juice looks at both internal and external links.

For example, if Website A has a link from Website B with a high PageRank, Website A will likely get a higher PageRank as well, and Website A will send Link Juice to Website B, thus increasing its importance and value. Site B can come up in another way.

How important is PageRank to SEO?

PageRank is an important element in SEO because if a website has a high PageRank, it will have a higher chance of ranking high in search results. A good ranking will increase visibility (impression) and traffic (traffic) to the website even more, of course, affecting the number of conversions for the business as well.

How PageRank Works

How PageRank works is calculated from links obtained from other websites. that links to your website It is calculated based on the quality of the link. This is determined by the relevance of the link to the content within your website. Including calculating the PR value of the website that links to your website as well

If the website that makes backlinks comes to you has a high PR, the PR of your website tends to be high as well. A good PageRank value will make Google see and give more importance to that page. There was also a rising rank.

Factors Affecting PageRank

There are many factors that affect the PageRank of a website, which I would like to break down into 3 factors as follows:

– Number of quality backlinks

PageRank counts the number and capacity of links received from different websites, which PageRank scores are the same as ours. The more votes you get. The more “authority” your page has.

For example, Page B and C both get backlinks from Page A. However, Page C also has backlinks from Page F, so it has a higher PageRank than Page B, depending on the quality of that backlink. with any backlinks that should have the following properties

– PageRank of the page that makes Backlinks back to the website

– The relevance of the linked website to the website.

– The rank of links that make backlinks back to the website

– PageRank of the page that makes Backlinks back to the website

A Page’s PageRank depends on the PageRank of the website linking to it, so backlinks from higher PageRank sites are always better than links from lower PR pages (if all other criteria apply). all the same)

– The number of links on the page linking to the website.

How to Increase PageRank More Effectively

For anyone who wants to improve PageRank to have more points. It is necessary to improve internal linking and create backlinks back to your website. There are many strategies that can be done such as

– outreach

It will be a form of Link Building by contacting the websites that you want backlinks in order for those websites to post relevant articles on your website and link back to your website. Those sites should be in your industry and have good PR.

– fixing broken links

Search for backlinks that are broken links or Broken Backlinks that may reduce the quality of the website from Google Bot exploring the website and found that there are many backlinks that are broken links to the website. And it can cause the algorithm to recognize that the website is not trustworthy. As a result, the website’s ranking can drop. The best way is to contact the destination website to fix broken links or disavow more links.

– Guest blogging

It is a blog written and published on other websites. to get backlinks back to your website by other websites or blogs It should be similar to the content of your website. Therefore, it will be counted as a quality backlink.

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