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Is Software Development Really a Dead End Job After Age 35 40?

Is software development a dead-end career? Is this job a dead-end job after age 35? The answer is not necessarily yes. In fact, some software developers have stayed in their positions even as they approached middle age. There are other career options for these individuals who want to continue in their fields. Let’s explore some of these opportunities. You might be surprised by what you find.

First, don’t be scared off by the “dead-end” part of the title. There are many ways to move up the ladder in software development. While other people may consider it a dead-end job, many continue to earn good money. Some programmers progress to become project managers and team leaders. That doesn’t mean you should give up being a software developer because you have reached middle age.

Second, consider the long-term implications of this profession. According to research by the American Society of Information Technology, about 90% of the work performed by software engineers will be automated in 40 years. Hence, you’ll be out of a job in this field once artificial intelligence and robots become prevalent. However, software developers who enjoy this profession may still be able to make a decent living after 40.

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