Shopify – Build a Filter Collection by Color, Size, and More

In Shopify, you can build filter collections by color, size, and more. These features are not native to the platform, so you can use third-party extensions and customizations to create these custom filters. Before you begin Densipaper, be sure to choose a theme and enable the corresponding checkboxes in the Theme Settings.

To create filter collections in Shopify, you’ll need to add metafield information for each product. Make sure to add exact values. Remember that uppercase and lowercase letters have different meanings, so if you add both, you’ll end up with two separate filter options magazines2day. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in functionality to import or export the metafield information from one store to another.

Adding filters at the collection level is a great way to make your products easy to find lifestylemission. This filtering option helps shoppers focus on specific products and services. This can be especially helpful during busy seasons, or when shopping for a special someone. For example, a customer might be interested in a particular color, but doesn’t want to see every shade of the same color. In this case, a basic color filter can be helpful getliker.


In addition to collection filters, Shopify also includes search filters. These filters are integrated into the admin of your store ventsmagazine. As with other features, you can choose to use a combination of filters, including custom filters. To create a custom filter, you must create the relevant metafields. To get started, read the help article on adding metafields to your store.

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