Types of soil reclamation and selection to be suitable for building a house

on land filling It may sound far away for people who want to have a home. Because most of them often leave it to luxury home builders that take care of it all in one place. In addition, soil is a specialized issue that, in addition to needing knowledge of classification, must also have experience in evaluating the site to select the soil type that is suitable for that construction as well, and there are many types of soil used in construction. type many properties We would like to take you to get to know the type of soil filling and the selection to be suitable for building a house.

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Filling the ground means that any action to the soil or the ground to make the soil level higher than before” with regulations and guidelines, work characteristics, in order not to obstruct the neighboring areas and determine the nature of work that does not cause harm to the operator aditianovit.

Factors to be considered in selecting soil filling

1. Area characteristics

Should study the height and low of the area from the residents of that area. Is it a waterway or frequently flooded areas oyepandeyji? Does it take a long time to drain? Because such problems will result in soil softening easily. which will have to fill and compact the soil more tightly than usual including taking longer to set

2. Height of filling

Most of the land filling will lead to disputes about the level difference with neighboring landlords. In matters of safety or soil flow of higher water Therefore, it must comply with the legal requirements which the homeowner must request permission and have an engineer sign accordingly. If complete and correct, filling can be performed. xotic news

But if compared to the areas of different owners who are in the adjacent area, then there is an obstruction. to feel insecure So the land reclamation always has the appropriate word to indicate the height.

3. How long should the area be left after land filling?

About leaving the waiting period for the soil to set after filling the soil Usually, once the soil is filled, construction should not be started immediately. Should leave the time for the soil to set before The higher it is, the more likely it will collapse. It should be left for 6-12 months, but it can be shortened by using a soil compactor. Or do both: use a soil compactor and leave the soil settling time. The more it will make the adjustment of the construction soil more efficient.

Know the type of soil that is suitable for use.

As mentioned above, if a house is built through a luxury home builder company. Homeowners will be relieved of the burden in several stages, including the process of knowing the soil and choosing to use it. But to not recognize or care at all is impossible. Because homeowners may need information to talk to a home builder. and knowledgeable about budget, soil selection and safe filling The land used for filling is as follows:

1. General reclamation soil

Suitable for filling the soil to build a house. This type of soil is gray or black clay when filling is firm. can be compacted to the level of building a house This type of soil absorbs moisture. and loosen soil moisture more slowly than other soil types cause lower temperatures than other soil types As a result, living in the house will feel more cool.

Therefore, when compared to other types of soil both in terms of construction results and feeling cool and the use of which trees can be planted It is also cheaper than other types of soil. This type of soil is therefore recommended for filling in the construction of a house.

2. topsoil

Able to fill the soil to build a house well But the price is very high 2-3 times compared to general reclamation soil. Therefore, it is recommended to use topsoil in specific areas for landscaping. or planting trees only to reduce unnecessary expenses

3. Black soil, pond soil

Able to fill the soil to build a house well and the pure soil from the clay pit but the price is quite high Compared to general reclamation soil but cheaper than the soil Therefore, it is recommended to fill in the perimeter area around Bangkok, which is close to the soil source. and make the land reclamation price not very expensive

4. Clay or Sealac

It is a soil that can be used to build houses. This type of soil is well compacted. little subsidence but not good at planting trees low humidity This type of soil is suitable for building factories, warehouses, enhancing road foundations. or buildings that need a lot of weight

5. Lateral soil

The soil is quite hard. The more dry the soil, the harder it will be. brown or red Suitable for filling concrete roads Because of the crushing to be compacted well But it is a soil that is not suitable for planting trees because it is too dry.

6. Sandy soil

Sandy soil type is about 70% sand or more, does not hold water, the soil is easy to corrode. If it is used, it must be well compacted. To prevent soil flow and subsidence, sandy soil is cheap. Suitable for land reclamation projects

Another important issue in land filling work is the safety supervision which must be in accordance with the regulations of that area. and must have an engineer to control the work This is for the safety of the building and its residents. and prevent disputes that may arise in the future

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