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What is Social Media and Its Impact on Our Society

The impact of social media on our society is complex. It has both positive and negative impacts, but overall it has been a powerful tool for social interaction and connecting individuals with one another. In addition to helping individuals stay connected, social media can also serve as an effective communication, marketing, and advocacy tool. During political upheavals, social movements have made great use of social media to spread their messages. To understand its full impact, learn more about the impact of social media on our society.

A recent survey revealed that 10% of teens report that they have experienced cyberbullying through social media. Among those who report being victims of cyberbullying, countless social media users are the victims of hateful comments. Moreover, social media platforms can foster online abuse and inadvertently create emotional scars. Using social media can also result in increased levels of social anxiety and depression, as well as exposure to inappropriate content.

In addition to spreading inflammatory messages, social media also facilitates incivility and incitement of violence. About one-third of respondents report feeling confused when using social media sites. Similarly, a third of them express their dissatisfaction with the lack of critical thinking among social media users. However, the majority of users cite social media as a positive tool for connecting with friends and fostering community-building, while a small portion complain about the lack of critical thinking skills among users.

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